Partnering with brands that you can rely on

At CommPoint, we partner with global manufacturers like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer and other household names. Building strategic alliances with these manufacturers means that we recommend the hardware that meets the specific applications that your business needs.

Competitive pricing

Our preferred partner status with means we’re given preferential discounts, particularly for customers who manage large or public body projects. Our pricing often undercuts going direct and also means that you know that you have sourced the correct product for your specific application.

Keeping you mobile

Mobile communications also play an increasingly important part in modern business – more than 50% of websites are now accessed by mobile phone or tablet. In conjunction with our Mobile Monkey SIM plans, we offer access to a wide range of mobile hardware, eradicating the need to engage multiple suppliers.

With CommPoint in your corner, the process of buying and installing PCs and other network hardware is simple. We listen, help identify the most suitable and cost-effective systems for your business and provide a turn-key solution every time. If your project required hardware, contact us today and request a quotation. Even without an exact requirement we’re be happy to talk to you, flesh out your requirements and then quote you for what you need.