Super secure encrypted data

Data confidentiality and security are core features and utilise the most secure encryption methods and standards – by default the encryption is enabled with the highest encryption settings. All data can be encrypted on your device before being sent to us, using AES 256 bit encryption. Your data is then transmitted using SSL encryption and is stored with encryption on our platform, providing complete security.

Enjoy unlimited backups

Online Backup has the largest feature set and list of agents of any online backup service included within our software. With no requirement to purchase any additional software or hardware or dedicate any staffing resources to your backup process you can enjoy unlimited and automated online backups and restoration with convenient around-the-clock accessibility to your backed-up data and configurable unlimited retention periods.

Protection against data loss

Office 365 is a popular choice for businesses, but Office 365 emails, calendars and contacts can be lost at anytime, fortunately Online Backup provides the solution to many of these potentially catastrophic scenarios. If you have migrated your business’ email to Office 365 then you no longer need to manage Exchange in-house. If you are worried about trusting your most critical company data to one source then Online Backup provides the option of sending Office 365 emails to any destination using our service.

You can back-up all or just selected mailboxes under your accounts in just a few clicks. Added to the full mailbox, you can also back-up and restore brick-level items such as emails, contacts, calendars and tasks.

Whatever your backup requirements, or the size of your business, Online Backup has you covered. Find out more about how Online Backup can help protect your business.