Enhanced level of care

Our support options reflect how business IT is changing so that in addition to our standard on-site support, we offer remote and scheduled support to enhance the level of care provided to your business, enabling you to get the best from your IT. Increasingly, businesses need support to co-ordinate third party network services and software as well as professional services vendors. We’re experienced in speaking with our clients’ suppliers and we offer a one stop shop for the businesses that we support. With only one number to call that guarantees all the support they need, our clients are then free to focus on what they do best.

Expert training

Client training is a critical element of our support packages. Training provides end-users with the tools that they need to work more efficiently, ensuring that they spend less time using your IT systems and more time talking to your customers! Training has the added benefit of showing your staff that the business cares about them because you’ve invested in them and added to their skillset.

Support when you need it

We want to ensure you get the most from your IT. That’s why it’s essential that you gain user buy-in for your new systems and software applications. Our engineers take the time to train your staff following a major upgrade and will provide support via telephone on demand.

More structured training is required when a comprehensive understanding of a new package is required quickly. Our range of bespoke on and offsite training options gain your users a fast understanding of Microsoft Office, accounts packages and a range of other software. Please speak to one of our consultants for further details.