We supply products for every element of your IT infrastructure from servers to PCs, office telephone systems to virtual servers, with a range of options and solutions that seamlessly integrate into your IT systems.

Find out more about our most popular products:


The remote office has arrived with Office 365. Today’s worker needs flexibility – they want the ability to work anywhere, anytime and on a variety of different devices, with access to the software that their job demands. Sound a lot to ask? Microsoft Office 365 makes it entirely possible, without breaking the bank. So talk to us and we’ll help you work out what you need and how to make it happen.


Our Mobile Monkey plans offer outstanding value, no matter how light or heavy your mobile use. Pick a plan, select your network, bolt on the extras you like and Bob’s your Auntie – you’re up and running. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Switch and save with fantastic VoIPtastic. If you haven’t already switched to VoIP, you might want to ask yourself why. It gives you more features and more operating flexibility for less money than traditional landline systems. Feeling enthusiastic? Take a look at our VoIPtastic offers and see how we can make your bottom line look fantastic.


So many choices, too many products right? We’ve cut to the chase and designed a range of connectivity options that meet the needs of the contemporary company. We fuse the best flexible connectivity options with the best flexible support options to keep your business ticking on your terms.


Even if your business hasn’t moved to the Cloud, the chances are that you’re accessing Cloud services day in, day out – streaming music and video, online backup, email and file storage, are all possible due to the flexibility, scalability and security that the Cloud brings.


Use Online Backup from CommPoint to backup your Windows, Linux, Mac, VMware and Hyper-V environments. Online Backup gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the data you want to protect, for as long as you want to protect it, and is designed to be cost effective whether you’re interested in short or long-term retention. You can restore virtual machines or individual files and folders as needed, for free!


In a world that is becoming increasingly driven by software, the Cloud and Virtualisation, it’s easy to forget that we still need hardware! Until the time comes when we’re all implanted with chips at birth, it’s clear that there’s still very much a place for the humble PC, Laptop and Mobile Phone. However, ensuring that you purchase the correct hardware to run your Line of Business applications and other mission critical systems, such as email for example, sometimes isn’t that straightforward.